Iacobus+2019/Jury: final results, the Rafael Baltar prize and national prizes.

After a long deliberation the Jury has decided the prize winners of the Iacobus+ 2019 edition and the Rafael Baltar prize were Agathe Tessier & Chloé Verdier from ENSACF.

Congratulations from the whole team, students, teachers and partners of the Iacobus+2019 venue. This edition has been a complete success and the results will be presented to the council and community of Santiago de Compostela in an exhibition and catalogue with all the research and proposals made by the students of each academic institution. We will meet again next year in Iacobus+2020!

Iacobus+2019/Workshop: final presentation

The last day of the Workshop Iacobus+2019 at the ETSAC all groups had to present their final reflections and sketches from 2 p.m.

The teachers and Jorge Duarte, the Urban Planning Counselor of Santiago de Compostela, considered the work done during this week as really interesting because of the different approaches and reflections. All this work will be a very good base for the individual work of each academic institution.

We all will meet again next June in Clermont-Ferrand for the grand jury of the Rafael Baltar Prize!

See some results of the workshop:

Iacobus+2019/ Workshop: day 4

This morning Prof. Dr. Felipe Peña held an interesting lecture with the title «Design and Project: Alvaro Siza, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Compostela», as a masterpiece and exemplary project in a very similar situation to Santa María del Sar.

Later the workshop continued as a day full of labour. The presentations of the last day, accompanied by comments of all professors introduced everybody to a very large variety of typological solutions and led some groups to a new perspective on their own work.

Iacobus+2019/ Workshop: first presentations

The third day started with an interesting presentation by Prof. Dr. Ramón Yzquierdo about the history of the Colegiata de Santa María la Real del Sar. In the afternoon we invited all the groups to present the actual state of their reflections using models, sketches and short explanations. Those short presentations served to open a common reflection, sharing and confronting opinions and views between students and teachers and getting conclusions that will be very important for the rest of the workshop.

Iacobus+2019/ Workshop: visit to Santiago de Compostela and Santa María la Real del Sar

After the introduction into the topic of the workshop, students and professors participated in a guided visit of the Colegiata de Santa María la Real del Sar. The visit gave us capital information for the project and solved several questions about the origin and history of this singular architecture and opened new ways of thinking about its future.