Iacobus+2018/Workshop: Final exhibition!

This was the final day of the Workshop Iacobus+2018 at the OTH Regensburg. All groups  had to present their final project sketches from 2 p.m. on at the Halle A, the polyvalent space of the Faculty of Architecture at the OTH Regensburg. One could feel a certain relief, all groups having been able to close their work before the deadline.

The results are incredibly various in their approach and will be a very good base for the individual work at each academic institution. We will meet again June 1, 2018 at the UDC in A Coruña for the grand jury of the Rafael Baltar Prize!

See the results of the workshop:

Iacobus+2018/ Workshop: Day 4

As ususal, the forth day of the workshop is a day full of labor: the corridor crits have opened the eyes of everybody to many possibilities. As the groups often focus on their own work, they do not have time nor mind to notice what’s happening elsewhere. The exhibition accompanied by comments of all professors  introduced everybody to a very large variety of typological solutions and led some groups to reflect on varieties of their own approach. Day five will bring the final evaluation of the workshop results, so this very intermediary day four is used to advance the project.

Iacobus+2018/ Workshop: corridor crits

At the OTH Regensburg, architecture students are used to be confronted with different types of design project presentations, one of them being the corridor crits. This is mainly possible because of the layout of our faculty spaces within our protected-patrimony-building at the Pruefeninger Strasse, the old site of the OTH: we have wonderful naturally illuminated corridors adjunct to our student’s workspaces!

So at day three of the workshop, we surprised the groups not by visiting them, but by inviting them to present the actual state of their reflections on the walls of our corridors.

Most important with the corridor crits is the peer-to-peer-effect as students exchange their views in form of an improvised exhibition with very short explanations of their work.

Iacobus+2018/ Workshop: Analysis

The second day of the workshop started with a presentation of the analysis work by students from the ENSA Clermont-Ferrand and from the Universidad da Coruña. They work on this topic in the context of their master thesis, therefore they start earlier than the other institutions and arrive already well prepared. The presentation was impressive, the analysis very profound, so French and Spanish students supplied all workshop-group with their knowledge, enabling all students to start directly with their design work, teachers wandering around to visit the groups. The studios at the OTH were prepared with every necessary tool for sketching, building models, printing etc., we have also opened our vast workshops for our international guests.

Here’s to you, some impressions:


And here is the analysis work:

ENSACF: History

ENSACF: The Danube

ENSACF: The Site

ENSACF: The architecture of storage buildings

ENSACF: Patrimony

ENSACF: Concrete and patrimony

ENSACF: References of conversions

UDC: Historical Analysis

UDC: References of transformation

UDC: Urban Analysis

Iacobus+2018/ Workshop, visit Stadtlagerhaus

After the introduction into the topic of the workshop, students and professors participated at a guided visit of the Stadtlagerhaus by Bernhard Lutter, das Stadtwerk Regensburg. The visit of the site gave all students a very direct and unforgettable impression of this very particular building monument in the harbour of Regensburg: the Stadtlagerhaus. After a short lunch (thanks to das Stadtwerk!) on site: back to work at the OTH!

Iacobus+2018/ Workshop Stadtlagerhaus

March 5, 2018: finally, the workshop for our Iacobus+2018 project «Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg» has started. 58 students from four academic institutions (OTH, UDC, ENSACF & NUACA) will work together in eleven groups during one week at the OTH Regensburg in order to plunge into the topic of this year’s master project in architecture. They will be coached by eight professors from all four institutions. The project topic is the transformation of the existing Stadtlagerhaus, an important historic monument in the harbour of Regensburg into a center of culture and creative industries.

The workshop program of this first day was quite intense:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann, Vicepresident International Relations, Prof. Andreas Emminger, Dean and Iacobus+-coordinator of the Faculty of Architecture and Prof. Dr. Rochus Hinkel, all OTH Regensburg, welcomed the participants.

Mattis Broelmann, Head of Marketing das Stadtwerk Regensburg, Sebastian Knopp Clustermanager creative industries of the City of Regensburg and Bernhard Lutter, Head of Building management das Stadtwerk Regensburg explained to the students the setting of the Stadtlagerhaus as well as of the culture and creative industries in Regensburg.

After a visit of the Stadtlagerhaus, Prof. Dr. Peter Morsbach held a lecture on the history of the building monument itself and introduced the Stadtlagerhaus to the students. Prof. Andreas Emminger closed the day with a  lecture «About transformation» and an introduction to the topic of the workshop.

Iacobus+2018/D start: March,5th 2018

March 5, 2018 the 23rd edition of the international architecture student project Iacobus (and with it, the first edition of Iacobus+, funded by the European Union via Erasmus+) starts at the OTH Regensburg.
More than 60 Students from the University of A Coruña, the ENSA Clermont-Ferrand, the OTH Regensburg and for the first time also from the NUACA Yerevan will participate at the workshop about the fictional transformation of the Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg into a center for the creative and cultural industries of Regensburg.

Iacobus+2018 Plakat