Iacobus+2018/ Stadtlagerhaus: Teaser for a conference on Design Build projects

The Shih Chien University Taipeh/ Taiwan has invited Prof. Andreas Emminger (OTH Regensburg) as a speaker at the Online Conference «Learning in Action» on Dec 23, 2021 at 13h (MEZ).

Prof. Emminger will speak about the Iacobus+2018-project «Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg» and has prepared an introductory video to this project, together with Georg Milde (LfbA Industrial Design/ OTH Regensburg) .

Find the video here:

Iacobus+ 2018/ The catalogue

The Catalogue of Iacobus+ 2018/ Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg has been printed on a very special paper: «Gmund Bauhaus Dessau» by Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund GmbH & Co. KG.

We have decided to enter the competition «Gmund Award 2019» with this wonderful publication and we have received a notification on Oct 10, 2019 that the Jury has nominated our publication for the Gmund Award 2019.

Oct 23, 2019 the winner will be announced. The mere nomination is already very delightful news!

Download the digital version of the catalogue Iacobus+2018/Stadtlagerhaus.

Iacobus+2018/ Pictures at an exhibition of

Thursday July 4, 2019 the exhibition of Iacobus+2018 Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg was inaugurated by Mrs. Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer (Mayor of the City of Regensburg), Mr. Manfred Koller (Executive Director of das Stadtwerk Regensburg GmbH), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Baier, President of the OTH Regensburg and Carola Kupfer (Executive Director of Forum Kreativwirtschaft Regensburg). the Coordinator of Iacobus+ at the OTH Regensburg and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Andreas Emminger presented the exhibition to the public with the presence of more than 150 guests. The space of the Stadtlagerhaus enchanted everybody present, the catering of Werner Zapf and his team (Deggingerhaus, Regensburg) showed how creative food and beverages can contribute to the ambiance of such an exceptional event in such an outstanding location.

The commitment of everybody to transform this House of Freight Logistics into a House of Idea Logistic, as Mr. Koller explained the general aims so poetically, were very clear. Nobody left any doubts about the great performance of the architecture students, their creative ideas of how to transform and adapt the Stadtlagerhaus, visions for a future which will be inhabitated by themselves and which has to be formed nowadays, an absolute duty of todays’ society, as Mrs. Maltz-Schwarzfischer explained in her vivid, colourful statement. Prof. Dr. Baier emphasized the importance of international connections between students of different cultures, a long-standing tradition of the OTH, to help open-minded people of all ages to solve problems and create visions for today and tomorrow on a multinational basis. Mrs. Kupfer underlined the importance of the commitment of all public institutions in order to continue the project of housing the culture and creative industries in many different types of locations, a project which has been started visibly with the opening of the Degginger in 2016.

Plans were made at every corner about how to go on, plans mightily inspired by the impression, the location of this exhibition, the Stadtlagerhaus has imprinted into every visitor.

The Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg: A story starting with its construction 1909 and undergoing many changes until today, some quite unexpected. Iacobus+2018 has opened a new chapter in the existence of the Stadtlagerhaus, to be continued with persistence and creativity.

Download the catalogue of the exhibition here:

Catalogue Iacobus+2018 Stadtlagerhaus

See some impressions of the opening of the Stadtlagerhaus exhibition:

Iacobus+2018/ Exhibition//Ausstellung Stadtlagerhaus: 04.07.2019, 19h00

Finally we are able to announce the exhibition of the Iacobus+2018 project «Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg: Center of Culture and Creative Industries».

The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Stadtlagerhaus, Wiener Strasse, 93055 Regensburg on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 19h00. Exhibition Friday-Monday 14-19h00.

Endlich: Eröffnung der Ausstellung des Iacobus+2018-Studienprojektes
«Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg: Zentrum der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft»
am Donnerstag, den 4. July 2019 um 19.00 Uhr, Stadtlagerhaus, Wiener Strasse, 93055 Regensburg.

Ausstellung Freitag bis Montag, 14-19.00 Uhr

Sonntag, 13.00 Uhr: Vortrag über das Stadtlagerhaus von Prof. Dr. Peter Morsbach

> zum Ausstellungsplakat

Iacobus+2018/ Stadtlagerhaus: center of culture and creative industries?

The economic council of the City of Regensburg has decided during its session on April 4, 2019 to commission the administration to create a feasibility study on the implementation of a center of culture and creative industries at the Stadtlagerhaus Regensburg, in coordination with the administration of the harbour of Regensburg (Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG). For further information, see the documents of the economic council of the City of Regensburg:

Economic Council of the City of Regensburg, Documents on the Stadtlagerhaus, 04.04.2019 (in German)

This is very good news, for the City of Regensburg, for the Culture and Creative Industries in Regensburg as well as for our Iacobus+-project. The project has even been mentioned as a «catalyst» of the idea to implement a center of culture and creative industries at the Stadtlagerhaus.

Maybe we will be able to incentivize the realization even more with the exhibition of selected student projects from the Iacobus+2018-edition…