Iacobus+2020/Jury: final results and national prizes.

After a long deliberation the Jury has decided the prize winners and mentions of the Iacobus+ 2020 edition:

ENSACF (winner): Lucie Le Bars & Christopher Melton

ENSACF (mention): Floriane Korthals & Anastasia Monneret

ETSAC (winner): Daniel Tordable

ETSAC (mention): Ernesto Toscano

NUACA (winner): Astghik Mashinyan & Anna Karamyan

NUACA (mention): Vahram Aghajanyan & Lernik Galstyan

Congratulations from the whole team, students, teachers and partners of the Iacobus+2020 edition. This edition has been a complete success in the midst of the difficult situation caused by the pandemic. The results will be presented to the city of Venice and the mekhitarists community of San Lazzaro degli Armeni in an exhibition and catalogue with all the research and proposals made by the students of each academic institution.

Iacobus+ 2020 International Virtual Workshop: Jury (1).

Finally the day has come for the Iacobus+2020 jury. Today we will have the presentation of the students from ENSACF, NUACA and UDC, and will have the one with the students from OTH in a few days.

Congratulations for the students, professors and partners of the three institutions for all the work developed during these difficult months we are living.

The pandemic has reached everywhere, affecting our families, our work, our lives and, of course, the Iacobus+ edition of this fatidic year 2020. But with the effort and enthusiastic spirit of the whole community of students, professors and partners of the four institutions the Iacobus+ 2020 edition has been a complete success. 

Join the jury in the following link: